Night Falls

“Night Falls,” my latest artwork that will be showcased at Longyear Gallery. This piece and a pastel drawing  combines elements of horses from a carousel in Central Park and images of Chinese students protesting their lack of job opportunities after graduating from college.

The inspiration behind this artwork comes from a desire to capture the sense of despair and fear present in today’s society. The horses running in terror represent the feeling of being trapped in a never-ending cycle, while the protesting students symbolize the frustration of facing uncertain futures.

The process of creating this artwork was unique in that I first started with drawings in pastel before moving on to

Night Falls – pastel

larger paintings. By combining these different elements and inspirations, I was able to create a piece that speaks to the struggles and challenges many individuals face in today’s world.

“Night Falls” is a powerful and thought-provoking piece that aims to spark conversation and reflection on the realities of our society. Visit Longyear Gallery March 22 – April 22 to see this artwork in person and experience the emotions it evokes.