Upcoming Show at LongYear of My Work

Friday June 2 – Monday July 3, 2023 Opening reception Saturday, June 3, from 3 to 6pm     Click on images for more information of my work.  

Summer is a coming. Upcoming Shows.

Sonnenberg Drought to a Bridge I use to hate summers.  As a dancer in the city, summers were always a struggle with income dropping due to people leaving the city.  Since I started painting, I love summers as an opportunity to do plein air and be outside.  Plein air...


Kuerner Farm is the farm where Andrew Wyeth did many of his paintings.  This is my second time doing a plein air painting in oil. This is the first drafts of two painting that I started. Second...

Run. Jump A new series by Lesley A. Powell

From a wonderful model who is a dancer, my drawing easily captured her sense of movement.  The second drawing is combining my favorite poses together on one page. I expanded the ideas of the drawings to larger work: one watercolor and the other,...

Run. Dance – A new series by Lesley A. Powell

This first drawing is from two minute poses layered on one piece of paper.         Using this drawing as a reference,  I expanded the ideas with color to larger work using oil.